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Seattle Counseling Service has relocated. Our new location is less than one mile away, just 2 blocks north of the Westlake Transit Center.
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While it is with a heavy heart that we leave the Capitol Hill neighborhood, we will be able to better serve our clients and expand the reach of care in these new facilities. We know that change can be hard as we’ve been in our current location for over 16 years, but we will be working closely with our clients during the entire transition to make sure this space feels safe and welcoming for you. During this transition time we will  continue providing care to our clients via Telehealth so there will be no lapse in service. We will keep you updated throughout this process.


Sixth & Lenora Building
2033 Sixth Avenue
4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

Our Phone Number Remains The Same: 206-323-1768

  • Less than 1 mile from old office
  • 15 minute walk from old office
  • 15 minute bus ride from old office
  • 5 minute car ride from old office

Public Transportation:

  • 2 blocks north of Westlake Station & Westlake Transit Center
  • Nearby major bus lines (see map)
  • 1 block north of South Lake Union Streetcar
  • 2 blocks north of the Monorail


There is abundant parking in the adjacent Westin Garage and ample surface lot parking at reasonable rates that surround the property. Street parking will be free in the evenings.

Why are we moving?

SCS and our greater LGBTQ+ community have a rich and important history in Capitol Hill. While we made sincere efforts to stay in the neighborhood, there were no spaces that could accommodate our needs within our budget. Like many LGBTQ+ individuals, families, and organizations, we can longer afford to stay – but that doesn’t mean we won’t stay connected, and we’re just down the street. We are very excited to announce that we will have a presence at Capitol Hill Housing’s The Eldrige providing counseling service to our aging LGBTQ+ population. This LGBTQ+ senior center providing affordable housing and services is scheduled to open Winter of 2022.

  • More Space – There will be 11 more therapy rooms, totaling 34 compared to our current 23.
  • Capacity – Because of more rooms, we will be able to see more clients, thus resulting in shorter wait times for new clients seeking service. 
  • New services – We will have testing facilities in this new building which will allow us to provide in-house med-management testing and eventually STI and HIV testing.
  • Facilities – The Sixth & Lenora building was recently renovated in 2007 and provides more reliable infrastructure for our day-to-day operations. This means working elevators! The floor we will occupy, is being built out to suit our needs for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Accessibility – The entire building and 4th floor which SCS will be occupying will be more wheelchair accessible than our old building.
  • Transportation – Our new location is much more central to public transportation, making our services more accessible to communities in all areas of the Greater Seattle / King County area.


The building is located on the southwest corner of Sixth and Lenora in the Denny Triangle. It borders  the Westin Building to the South.

Will my care be interrupted?

Your care will not be interrupted. While it may take us approximately one week to move locations and get settled into our new building, we will be utilizing Telehealth to make sure that our clients don’t miss any sessions with their therapists. Our phones will be staffed during regular business hours and our after care resources will remain unchanged.

What will change in this new location?

  • Elevators – while yes, we will have more reliable elevators, they will also be of newer technology!  When entering the lobby, you will find SCS is located on the fourth floor. Simply press any key pad with the number four and one of the elevators (ABCD) will be called for you.
  • Lobby – the waiting space in the lobby will be in direct eyesight of the front desk so that it will be easier for both clients and staff to make sure therapists know when their client is here, and vice versa.
  • Security – there will be building security present during all office hours, to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.


Email us at info@seattlecounseling.org or call at 206-323-1768

Sixth & Lenora Building
Sixth & Lenora Building
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