We are committed to
the mental health and
wellness of Seattle’s
LGBTQ community.

Founded in 1969, Seattle Counseling Service is proud to be the oldest LGBTQ-focused community mental health agency in the world.

Started as part of the Dorian Society in Seattle, SCS later expanded to become an independent organization in 1969. We began in a rented house with one telephone and several volunteers who were ready to answer the phone, talk with people, dropped by, and offered counsel and support.

Over the last 50 years, we have sought ways to provide a continuum of care for clients. SCS works with other King County Mental Health Providers to advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ community in the mental health system. We are incredibly proud of the resource SCS has become to our communities.

We are now so much more than a counseling center. Our services have expanded to include substance use disorder services; support groups; harm reduction programs; HIV prevention programs; peer-led outreach; and, immigrant, refugee, and undocumented outreach. We’ve listened to how your needs have changes, and we are always working to grow and better adapt to meet them. Through these changes, we are still committed to providing high-quality, accessible, culturally competent care to all that seek our services and to serve, advocate, educate, and advance the health and wellness of our LGBTQ community.

Executive Team

Danie Eagleton
Danie Eagleton
Interim President & CEO

Danie (she/her) earned a B.A. in psychology from Seattle University and a master’s in education in Counseling Psychology from Howard University. She has worked in mental health for 16+ years with both kids and adults. Danie is a passionate advocate for people living their lives with mental illness and other disabilities. Her areas of interest and experience in mental health include at-risk youth, communities of color, multicultural/ diversity issues, crisis/trauma, integrated health, supported employment, and recovery-oriented mental health services. Danie splits her time and interest between the fields of mental health and education. She has been a part-time instructor at Seattle Central Community for over 10 years and is currently an adjunct professor in Seattle University’s Clinical Mental Health program. She recently served as the Vice President for Clinical Excellence at Valley Cities Behavioral Health. Danie is a graduate of The National Council of Behavioral Health’s Addressing Health Disparities Leadership program and maintains a small private practice that focuses in the areas of mental health, employment, clinical supervision, and consultation.

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Board of Directors

Christopher Welch
Christopher Welch

Christopher Welch (he/him) has been a member of the Seattle Counseling Service board since 2014 and serves as Board President and Chair of the Fundraising Committee. He is a marketing and business development professional who has called Seattle home since 2003. Christopher is passionate about increasing access to mental health and harm reduction services and fighting social stigma affecting people seeking care. In his free time, Christopher enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and supporting the arts. Christopher and his husband, Daniel, live in downtown Seattle.

Gunner Scott
Gunner Scott

Gunner Scott (he/him) is a Senior Communications and Engagement Planner with King County Metro. Former Director of Grants and Scholarships for Pride Foundation, and was a founding member and the former Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), where he led a five-year state legislative campaign for the Transgender Equal Rights bill.  He received a BA in Liberal Arts from Goddard College, where he completed the oral history project entitled “Boston Area Transgender Community Leaders and the ENDA Crisis.” He has written numerous articles on issues of transgender equality, health care access for LGBTQ people, racial equity, and LGBTQ partner abuse including “Agitate and Activate,” the introduction to Pinned Down by Pronouns, a 2003 Lambda Literary-nominated anthology and a co-author on the study and 2011 American Journal of Public Health article “Transgender Health in Massachusetts: Results from a Household Probability Sample of Adults.” He is an experienced nonprofit executive with twenty-five year background in training and curriculum development, program design, legislative campaign execution, grant writing, fundraising, communications, and implementing public education strategies.

Christine Dee, PhD
Christine Dee, PhD

Christine is a solutions executive with IBM who joins the Board of SCS in 2019. Her background includes 20 years in telecommunications and data technologies, alongside a concurrent academic exploration in psychology, which led to her Masters in Applied Behavioral Science in 2003 and PhD in Media Psychology in 2016.

Brett Thomazin, MBA, MSHA
Brett Thomazin, MBA, MSHA

Brett is the Director of Respiratory Care and the UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview. He’s been with Harborview since August 2010. Born and raised in Nebraska, Brett moved to Seattle after 13 years in Denver. He’s a Registered Respiratory Therapist and in his free time enjoys cycling, fitness, time with family and friends, and travel. In 2019, Brett will be participating in his 4th AIDS/LifeCycle. He joined the SCS Board in August 2018 and is excited to be able to serve SCS and their clients.

J. Alejandro Vega-Gutierrez, Ed.D, CQIA
J. Alejandro Vega-Gutierrez, Ed.D, CQIA

Alejandro joined the SCS Board of Directors in 2018. He is an administrator of the Institutional Review Board of the U.S. Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS). He also serves as the Special Emphasis Program Manager for Hispanic Employment at the VAPSHCS serving as an advisor to the Medical Director and the EEO Manager, in matters affecting the employment and advancement of women, minorities, and people with disabilities. He has a strong passion for affording professional, educational, and financial opportunities to minority and underrepresented groups. Originally from Puerto Rico, Alejandro and his two huskies now call Seattle home where they live on Capitol Hill and spend time cooking and exploring the outdoors.

Elizabeth Scallon
Elizabeth Scallon

Elizabeth Scallon (she/her) is an award winning leader in the Pacific Northwest startup ecosystem, and leading the Go-To-Market/Operations for the Amazon Alexa Fund and Startup team. Elizabeth is a scientist, mentor, and 15 year leader in scientific and technological innovation. Known for a keen ability to locate disruptive and innovative technology, previously to Amazon, she was the Head of WeWork Labs US West-leading incubation and startup programs for WeWork. Prior to WeWork, Elizabeth led the team at CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington coaching and growing the robust bench of NW tech and biotech startups. An out lesbian from before the L Word pilot episode, Elizabeth has a passion for spotlighting and developing outsider voices. Obsessed with growth and knowledge, Elizabeth went from a degree in Biochemistry, to Georgetown’s Global Executive MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Markets. Elizabeth is a hometown hero. She grew up in Seattle, plays the connector and mentor role in building Seattle’s booming economy, and she lives on Beacon Hill with her wife and toddler. Sundays usually mean farmer’s markets and family brunch.

Elisa Levinson
Elisa Levinson

Elisa joined the SCS Board of Directors in 2018. Originally from Texas, she attended University of Colorado graduating with B.A. in Asian Studies and went on to travel the world. She moved to Seattle in 2015, a city she is proud to call home. She is a business development professional in sports and tourism, who also serves on GSBA’s Tourism Advisory Board. She loves being a tech geek, kayaking around the Sound, and supporting Seattle sports.

Cris Fowler, Ed.D.
Cris Fowler, Ed.D.

Cris Fowler joined the SCS Board of Directors in 2019. She is the Director for Academics at the University of Washington Information School where she oversees the learning technologies team, human resources for adjunct faculty and student employees, and works to integrate social justice into STEM curricula and pedagogy. Her passion lies in diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, with a particular interest in Indigenous knowledge systems and supporting and promoting Native American sovereignty and culture. Cris enjoys problem-solving, making connections with others, and bringing people together. She lives in Seattle with her wife, 14-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old toy Rat Terrier. She enjoys exploring the world and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, gardening, and cooking for family and friends.

Mocca Swinney
Mocca Swinney

Mocca Swinney (she/her) joined the SCS Board of Directors in 2020. Originally from Memphis, she relocated to Seattle in 2013. She resides in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Professionally, Mocca has worked in high-end customer service roles in some of Seattle’s most recognizable luxury establishments. She is a tireless advocate for BIPOC, queer and trans individuals and is proud to be a member of an organization that provides essential care to heal and uplift these individuals.

Danny Waxwing
Danny Waxwing

Danny (he/him) is currently an attorney with the Trans in Prison Justice Project at Disability Rights Washington. He has been grateful to interact with SCS in a variety of ways over many years, from receiving services himself to attending programs that utilize SCS as a community space. He believes all people should have access to excellent, affirming health care and mental health-related supports, and deeply respects SCS for providing those services while rooted in community. Danny was honored to join the SCS board in 2020.

Josh Holland
Josh Holland

Josh Holland is a product marketing manager for LumaTouch where he leads marketing, user research, and content strategy for the organization. Throughout his career he’s worked with emerging startups, pioneering entrepreneurs, and global non-governmental organizations. Josh is a lifetime technologist with a passion for city and community building. He believes we’re stronger and better when we work and live together. Recreationally, Josh loves to run, get outdoors when there is a sun break and leave Cascadia now and again to gain insights and perspectives from far-away places. He enjoys getting immersed in a good book or a conversation. You’ll often find him traversing Seattle’s eclectic collection of neighborhoods in search of a coffee shop or a community event. Josh is a two-time graduate of the University of Washington with a BA and an MS degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering

Troika Braswell
Troika Braswell

Troika Braswell (He/Him) Senior Human Resource professional with King County Metro. In addition, to creating an inclusive work environment that welcomes diversity to promote creativity and innovation. Troika leads a team that leads with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all aspects of Human Resources, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, and employee development. Troika is an advocate for LGBTQ and BIPOC communities, Troika is a believer in speaking out and spreading awareness for mental health and wellbeing for LGBTQ and BIPOC communities most recently working with Seattle Youth Programs. In his free time, Troika enjoys traveling, eating, and supporting the arts.

Our clinical staff are here for you.

Our agency is a state licensed community mental health agency and state licensed chemical dependency out-patient treatment facility. All clinical staff members hold master’s level degrees or higher and are credentialed Mental Health Professionals. All staff members have training and experience in providing culturally competent services to LGBTQ clients.

Staff Disclosure Statement

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

These titles are a branch of social work that specializes in mental health therapy in a counseling format. Becoming an LCSW requires a significant degree of training and education from an accredited program. One of the primary defining characteristics of the Licensed Clinical Social Worker method of mental health therapy is that something called a strength-based approach to client counseling is employer. The strength-based approach requires that the LCSW works with the client to assess their own personal situation both in terms of their internal situation and also their external factors such as economic, societal, home and career in order to create an inventory of both strengths and perceived weaknesses or obstacles.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

These are two different titles for essentially the same occupation in the mental health field, both of which require a significant degree of education as well as training. LMHC/LMHCA offer a method of mental health counseling that is very individually based and tends to rely on a more collaborative approach then other methods of mental health counseling and often has a more flexible outlook on methodologies. Due to this, LPC’s and LMHC’s are often able to make use of more novel approaches and also develop therapies that they find to be effective. It is this flexibility in methods and practice that many find appealing when weighing their options between professional counseling and other occupations in mental health therapy.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

These titles are for clinicians who have received training from accredited marriage/couple and family therapy programs, focused on diagnosing and promoting mental and emotional wellness within the context of individual, couples, and family sessions.  A primary emphasis for these clinicians is to approach change and healing systemically, which refers to seeing individuals within the context of their relationships, such as families, friends, supports, external influencers, a person’s identities, etc.  Through this approach, MFTs look at how a client’s systems intersect and impact their struggles, changes, and growth within their life.  MFTs and their approaches look beyond individual issues, to include the broader picture.

Substance Use Disorder Professional

Washington’s addiction counselors are credentialed by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Certification as a Substance Use Disorder Professional is based on meeting education, examination, and supervised practice requirements. The Substance Use Disorder Professional is to provide services for individuals, family and groups in mastering their addictions, and to understand the problems caused by their chemical dependency.

Seattle Counseling Service Interns

Interns at SCS are second year Master’s level students. While meeting their school practicum requirements and providing quality care to our clients, interns are gaining the knowledge of working in a community agency that focuses on serving the LGBTQ community. This experience includes direct client service hours, record keeping, using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, clinical consultation, weekly individual and peer supervision.

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